How To Paint Wall Using Roller

How to Paint a Wall using a Roller  


Painting is one of the least expensive ways to make over the walls so grab a roller and let’s get to work. once you paint a wall using a roller you fell it’s reliability and smoothness but take care to handle it.

Here we are telling you that how to paint a wall using a roller. These DIY painting tips will help you roll your walls quickly and smoothly without leaving roller marks on the wall. we will show you the tricks and techniques that painters use to get a perfectly painting walls. To paint a wall using a roller you just need some basic tools to paint fast and get great result and make clean up a breeze.


Basic tools for paint a wall using a roller:

When going to lay paint on the wall we have to need some basic tools. First we dip a roller into the paint bucket or on the paint try paint try is more easy because in this way roller is automatically can remove extra paint but when we use paint bucket then remove the extra paint by using a designed metal made net for removing extra paint from the roller so choice is totally up to you which you want to use.


  • Metal net for removing extra paint
  • A smooth roller
  • Bucket
  • Paint tray


Advantages of using bucket for paint a wall using roller:

If the roller paint pan is easy to use for roller painting but we also cannot ignore the benefits of using a bucket it also help us in some ways.

  • It’s easy to move the bucket without spilling
  • The bucket holds more paint. You won’t have to frequently refill a pan.
  • You’re less likely to trip over or step in a bucket of paint.
  • It’s quicker and easier to load the roller cover with paint from a bucket.
  • It’s easy to cover a bucket with a damp cloth to prevent the paint from drying out while

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